Hidden Bucharest Tour

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  • Russian church – with seven onion domes originally covered in gold
  • Bucharest Municipal Museum – housed in the former princely house of Sutu family
  • Magheru Boulevard and Verona Street – modernist landmark buildings and the best spots to see street art and graffiti
  • Theodor Aman Museum – oldest art museum in Bucharest
  • Gradina Icoanei – the most picturesque neighborhood in Bucharest
  • Beautiful early Neo-Romanian style villas – dating back to the early 1900s

Bucharest may not strike you as a glamorous or grandiose European capital with a meticulously preserved architectural heritage. But it is precisely this unselfconsciousness coupled with spectacular contrasts and an incredible vitality that makes Bucharest such a unique place. Dip into the rich architectural mix of Brancovan, Balkan and Western European influences and learn how to spot Neo-Romanian, Art Deco and Modernist designs.

If you take this tour, you will understand why we love Bucharest, learn about its real character and learn to love it too.


Tour Duration

Two and a half hours

Starting Time


Meeting Place

Palatul Sutu, Universitate, Blvd I.C. Bratianu 2

What’s Not Included

  • Museum entrance tickets
  • Food or snacks
  • Transportation

Palatul Sutu


Groups of 1-2 people

Fixed price per tour: 120 €

Groups of more than 3 people

Price per person: 45 €

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